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JNDI Service Provider for Windows® Registries


You can now download the JNDI Winreg slide presentation that was delivered at JavaOne. This presentation contains a great deal of sample code. Simply click the Slides link at left to download as a Word document or click here for a web view.


All versions of Windows 32-bit operating systems (Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/9x) hold system, application and user configuration data in their registration databases, each known as the Windows registry. From the JNDI perspective, the Windows registry acts as a local naming service for the system, application and users and, when roaming profiles are enabled, as an enterprise-wide naming service for users. Cogent Logic's JNDI Service Provider for Windows® Registries enables simple, direct access to Windows registries and provides full support for all JNDI naming service features, including federation, events, Java object serialization.

      The usual Windows registry subtrees may be accessed locally:
                HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA  (Windows 2000/NT only)
		HKEY_DYN_DATA  (Windows Me/9x only)

      The following Windows registry subtrees may be accessed remotely (standard Windows restrictions):
                HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA  (Windows 2000/NT only)

      The following data types are supported:
		REG_DWORD  <-->  long
                REG_DWORD_BIG_ENDIAN  <-->  long
                REG_SZ  <-->  String
                REG_EXPAND_SZ  <-->  String
                REG_MULTI_SZ  <-->  String   (the String contains each line separated by '\n', NOT a null)
                REG_BINARY  <-->  Java serializable class

Great licensing! One license enables a single development group (i.e. any number of developers situated at the same geographical location) to use the service provider software on their computers. The software that you create MAY NOT BE A DERIVATIVE WORK. The software that you create MAY BE distributed freely with the JNDI provider software provided the JNDI provider software is not modified in any way.

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